Production Units

Productions rack mounts are units that are designed using CAD software. Once the design stage is complete, there is a preproduction run make to check out all the details and two or three units are produced. Once the inspection has approved the product, it’s time to do a production run.

The CAD software instructions are sent to large punches and presses that punch sheets of metal into a pattern that once bent to shape becomes rack mount trays. Laser-cut sheets of become front panels.

There is a minimum run of 50 units required to be cost effective. The set up charges and design cost has to be spread across those 50 units. We would be happy to discuss custom production runs.

We must be selective as to which radios are popular enough so we don’t end up with a warehouse full of slow moving inventory (we call it scrap metal). We are always interested in which radio are selling well and test the market to confirm which radios that operators will be most interested in rack mounting. We have made some questionable decisions in the past, a couple of rack mounts were so slow moving, it took 5 years to sell 50 units. We have also hit a few good ones.

Collins Radio Rack Mount Kits

Novexcomm's Collins model RM351-1 and RM351-2 rack mount kit designs allow the user to mount their Collins in our rack mount without removal of the original Collins' case. Our design is different than the original Collins 351R-1 & 351R-2. Our rack trays are identical, the only difference is the front panel. Once the front panel is installed you can't tell them apart.

In addition to above, our units are less costly and available for immediate shipping. Unit cost list is $139.95 but sells direct for $109.95 plus S&H of $18.50 for one unit.

Treat your self for the holidays by rack mounting your Collins gear and protecting your investment.

CRA Endorses NovexComm's new Collins Rack Mount Kit
NovexComm is pleased that The Collins Radio Club has endorsed our new products.

Collins Radio Rack Mounting and HEAT

Some users have expressed concern that our newly designed Collins rack mount kit allows radios to remain in their original cases and may cause heat problems. If that is a real concern to anyone, then there is nothing that says you have to leave the radio in its' factory case. It's the user's option to remove or not to remove the case.

There is a 2" space between the top of one Collins case and the bottom of the rack tray over the lower unit, plenty of room to place a muffin fan. We also added more air flow slots than what the Collins had.

Many Collins users stack their radios on top of each other and don't seem to be concerned about heat.

Many users use muffin fans to move the air out of their rack enclosures.
Any other questions? Let us hear from you. Contact Us Today.

Kenwood RM5000 rack mount works for several popular Kenwood radios:
RM5000 size: 10.63”W by 3.78”H (270x96mm) Use Novexcomm RM5000wos or RM5000s
Radios: R5000, 140, 430, 440, 450, 570, 660, 670, 680, 690, 711, 811, TS2000.

Yaesu FRG100 size radios are a close fit to the Icom RM7100 size rack mount:
FRG100 size: 9.45”W by 3.74”H (240x95mm) Use Novexcomm RM7100wos or RM7100s
Radios: FRG100, FT77, FT707, FT747GX, FT757GX, FT840, FT857, FT890, FT900.

Generic Radio Rack Trays and Panels

We are looking into producing generic rack panels and trays so the user can design and cut their own special radio rack mounts panels. We will offer the panels, made of .090” aluminum for easier cutting (than the .125” used in our standard rack mounts). The trays will be the maximum width, about 16.75” wide, 5.25” and 7.0” high and about 12” deep.

The panels and the trays will be offered separately but are made to be compatible should the user wish to have a complete rack mount.

The idea is the user can order just the tray as a shelf for his radio and may not want to add a panel.
In some installations the user may want just blank panels to fill out the spaces in his cabinet and not want any tray(s).

The 5.25” tray will be made from 16 gauge Paintlok steel and the 7” tray will be 14 gauge Paintlok steel. These racks will support up to 75 and 100 pounds respectively.

Panels will be offered is several sizes, 3.5” (no handles), 5.25”, 7.0”, 8.75 and 10.50” with handles and paint to match the color and texture of our standard rack (excluding the Collins S gray color)

Some rack enclosures suppliers include

NovexComm Newsletter


With apologies to Simon and Garfunkel, 50 Ways Song parody by Bob Burchett

Social-distancing via ham radio is the best medicine; just remember this little ditty:
The problem is all inside my head; yes, I know;
My wife this morning said to me
The answer's easy if you stop wondering Joe
I'd like to help you fellow hams....but then you know:
There must be fifty ways to beat the virus....Fifty ways to beat this virus....

Stay back in the shack, Jack
Don't need to be coy, Roy, just listen to me
Hop off the bus, Gus, there's fungus among USSS!
Don't hoard the TP Lee, to keep virus free.

You are already used to DX all alone
And you may have L-O-T-L everyone
So when you burn the midnight oil in there
DXCC is still elusive; work some more.

Don't visit your gran; Stan
Wipe down every toy Roy, just listen to me
Just use that Purell; Mel
Keep pounding the key Lee; heed the CDC. Keep virus free.

This Cycle 25 is not going so well
And FT8 may be the way
I'm trying PSK and other crazy codes
The Gray Line moves much faster than I can today

So work 40 meters Peter
Rag chew on FM; Tim
This isn't spring break Jake
Call CQ all day

Wear a mask on the bus Gus...don't need to discuss muuuuuch
Stop touching your face Grace
You need PPE...
Hide out in the shack, Mack. Stay home if you're sick, Dick
Have wipes in your purse, nurse and stay virus free.

Sneeze into your sleeve, Steve
Keep back 2 Meters, Jeeter
Just follow the rules, Jules to keep virus free.
Keep soap in your hand Fran and keep virus free!


Random Rack

ICOM 7410


ICOM 7410

Size: 4U

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Rack Mount Your Radios

NovexComm provides low-cost, professional rack mounts for many popular radios, giving operators a source for off-the-shelf, low cost radio rack mount kits.

Why Rack Mount Radios?

Here are just a few reasons given by some of the operators we have heard from
  • Gives my radio room a professional look.
  • Saves space so I can buy more radios and have a place to keep them.
  • Makes it easier to access and use my equipment all in one place.
  • Keeps my gear protected from bumps and scratches.
  • If someone breaks into my house, then they will have a difficult time getting my radios.
  • I finally have all those ugly wires out of sight, looks great.
  • My wife likes the way my shack looks; she even shows her friends my room.


WA5RAY Testimonial:
Thanks Novexcomm for your great products. I was trying to rack mount my radio equipment into my console racks and was failing miserably. Luckily, I ran across your ad and have since successfully rack mounted several units very easily. The chassis design of your system for the larger rigs moves the weight of the actual radio equipment from the front panel and transfers it to the rack through your integrated chassis shelf. This greatly helps installing, removing and working on the gear. It also reduces the rattles that come from the stresses from the weight of the gear that is supported entirely from the single panel itself. Very COOL indeed! Thanks again for being there for a guy in need.

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