These are most of the radios we have created rack mounts for, so far. This is a work in progress. If you do not see a radio here or would like to share dimensions with us, then please contact us
Code Name Width Height Description
59 EF Johnson 53SLES7.242.14Dualed with CDM
12Ameritron AL80B14.548.54
11Ameritron ATR-2013.044.8
4555Collins S-Line Radios14.86.6Large Radius for Corners
4556Collins S-Line Radios9.96.6Large Radius for Corners
2Elecraft K310.794.04
57Elecraft P36.444.04
4756Galaxy DX 254711.334.44Large Radius for corners
CH721Harris Unity CH7216.942.44
44HF-Linear-Amplifier SB-220158.3Large Radius for Corners
46HY-GAIN CD-45II (CD-45II CX)8.544.44rounded edges
775DSPICOM 775DSP16.728.54
4371ICOM 910H 9.523.73
4756ICOM IC 700011.334.44Large Radius for corners
10ICOM IC 7000/706 WS6.572.28
8966ICOM IC 7410/910012.54.65Large Radius for Corners
4559ICOM IC 759.524.13Funky shape/drop down
4758ICOM IC 75112.094.61Funky shape/drop down
4381ICOM IC 75613.4314.78Funky shape/drop down
8967ICOM IC 760013.4374.65
28ICOM IC A1105.942
7141ICOM IC C72009.5153.35rounded sides and edges
4756ICOM IC R850011.334.44
34ICOM IC-910012.54.65Funky shape/drop down
4371ICOM IC728 9.523.73
4464ICOM IC746 11.334.80Funky shape/drop down
4381ICOM IC75613.4314.7Funky shape/drop down
4371ICOM R7100 9.523.73
4371ICOM R718 9.523.73
4694KENWOOD 200010.653.82rounded edges
29Kenwood 751A7.142.44
19Kenwood NX -920G6.341.81Large Radius for Corners
75Kenwood NX 5700/5800/59006.671.86Small radius Corners
19Kenwood NX 700/8006.341.81Large Radius for Corners
19Kenwood NX-900/9016.341.81Large Radius for Corners
76Kenwood TK 5710/58107.052.4Small radius Corners
8173KENWOOD TK 7907.112.43Large Radius for Corners
0076Kenwood TK-630/730/8307.042.41small rounded edges
19Kenwood TK-7180/81806.341.81Large Radius for Corners
38Kenwood TM-281A6.341.75
37Kenwood TM-V71A5.551.74
4694Kenwood TS 45010.653.82
30MFJ 998 Autotuner12.294.04
47MIRAGE D1010N5.542.04
79Motorola 200d/300d6.741.74Small rounded corners
6249Motorola APX45007.042.04
6464MOTOROLA CDM1250/1550/7507.1252.38rounded top/bottom/sides
32MOTOROLA CM3006.651.77Small radius corners
32MOTOROLA M12256.651.77Small radius corners
6248MOTOROLA MAX7.062.03
32MOTOROLA SM506.651.77Small radius corners
32Motorola SM506.651.77
79Motorola XPR 25006.741.74Small rounded corners
96Motorola XTL 15007.062.415
26Palstar AT2K (AT-2000)14.725.04
24Powerwerx HS-41.041.29
8172RMMOT2U2XPR72.12Large Radius for Corners
45Steppir SDA 1005.692.08Radios on top corners
101Timewave PK-232SC+11.3252.39
47Uniden B2516G5.542.04
2BC355N Uniden BC355N 5.042.04
17UNIDEN BC796DS7.042.94
20UNIDEN BC796DS DUAL WS7.042.94
2BCD536HPUniden BCD536HP7.292.29
13Uniden BCD996XT7.2352.1
bct15_2Uniden BCT15X7.292.24
90Vertex Viper VXR 700012.844.57
40YAESU 450D Left9.043.34
16YAESU FT 1000 MKV16.185.35
5269YAESU FT 84710.263.4
6YAESU FT 8977.943.24
41YAESU FT 897 & LDG AT-89711.543.25
16YAESU FT 92016.185.35
61YAESU FT-736R14.525.11
25YAESU FT19005.641.6
62YAESU FT79005.541.64Large Radius for Corners
65YAESU FT79005.541.64Large Radius for Corners
8965YAESU FT950/1200/300014.4374.56
31YAESU FT9919.043.34

NovexComm Newsletter


With apologies to Simon and Garfunkel, 50 Ways Song parody by Bob Burchett

Social-distancing via ham radio is the best medicine; just remember this little ditty:
The problem is all inside my head; yes, I know;
My wife this morning said to me
The answer's easy if you stop wondering Joe
I'd like to help you fellow hams....but then you know:
There must be fifty ways to beat the virus....Fifty ways to beat this virus....

Stay back in the shack, Jack
Don't need to be coy, Roy, just listen to me
Hop off the bus, Gus, there's fungus among USSS!
Don't hoard the TP Lee, to keep virus free.

You are already used to DX all alone
And you may have L-O-T-L everyone
So when you burn the midnight oil in there
DXCC is still elusive; work some more.

Don't visit your gran; Stan
Wipe down every toy Roy, just listen to me
Just use that Purell; Mel
Keep pounding the key Lee; heed the CDC. Keep virus free.

This Cycle 25 is not going so well
And FT8 may be the way
I'm trying PSK and other crazy codes
The Gray Line moves much faster than I can today

So work 40 meters Peter
Rag chew on FM; Tim
This isn't spring break Jake
Call CQ all day

Wear a mask on the bus Gus...don't need to discuss muuuuuch
Stop touching your face Grace
You need PPE...
Hide out in the shack, Mack. Stay home if you're sick, Dick
Have wipes in your purse, nurse and stay virus free.

Sneeze into your sleeve, Steve
Keep back 2 Meters, Jeeter
Just follow the rules, Jules to keep virus free.
Keep soap in your hand Fran and keep virus free!


Random Rack




Size: 4U

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Rack Mount Your Radios

NovexComm provides low-cost, professional rack mounts for many popular radios, giving operators a source for off-the-shelf, low cost radio rack mount kits.

Why Rack Mount Radios?

Here are just a few reasons given by some of the operators we have heard from
  • Gives my radio room a professional look.
  • Saves space so I can buy more radios and have a place to keep them.
  • Makes it easier to access and use my equipment all in one place.
  • Keeps my gear protected from bumps and scratches.
  • If someone breaks into my house, then they will have a difficult time getting my radios.
  • I finally have all those ugly wires out of sight, looks great.
  • My wife likes the way my shack looks; she even shows her friends my room.


WA5RAY Testimonial:
Thanks Novexcomm for your great products. I was trying to rack mount my radio equipment into my console racks and was failing miserably. Luckily, I ran across your ad and have since successfully rack mounted several units very easily. The chassis design of your system for the larger rigs moves the weight of the actual radio equipment from the front panel and transfers it to the rack through your integrated chassis shelf. This greatly helps installing, removing and working on the gear. It also reduces the rattles that come from the stresses from the weight of the gear that is supported entirely from the single panel itself. Very COOL indeed! Thanks again for being there for a guy in need.

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